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Pattern Power Reference


Choose an opponent's Revealed or Unrevealed Tapestry and discard it to their Scrap Pile.


Draw the top Tapestry from your Chest.  Look at the bottom Tapestry in your opponent's Chest.


Look at the top two Tapestries in the opponent's Chest and choose one to put on the bottom.


Choose a Tapestry from your Scrap Pile to place in your hand.


Draw two Tapestries, then discard two from your hand to your Scrap Pile.


Reaction: Reveal in response to an opponent revealing a Tapestry.  Cancel that Tapestry's power and discard it to the opponent's Scrap Pile.  Discard this Tapestry to your Scrap Pile.


Draw the bottom Tapestry from your Chest.  Look at the top Tapestry in the opponent's Chest.


Look at the top three Tapestries in your Chest.  Choose one to return to the top of your Chest, then place the remaining two on the bottom of your Chest in either order.


The Loom Pattern introduces players to the basic underlying strategies of opponent observation and color deduction, strategic manipulation of the draw Chest and discard Scrap Pile, counterspells, and strategic timing decisions such as when to focus on power use and when to advance the showcase.  New players should start with this Pattern.

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