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Welcome to Azetta

Shoppers flock to the street markets here to watch the duels between the spellweaving rug merchants that made the city famous.  Can your spell-slinging skills win you the glory you need to sell yours?



are your


Stitchcraft is a two-player card game where the cards aren't proxies for ogres and dragons - they themselves are the actors in the game.  Playing a tapestry unleashes the enchantment woven in, then contributes towards building a winning sales showcase.

Build a showcase of tapestries in seven different colors or four tapestries in any single-color set to win!

With a single spell woven into each of just eight colors of rugs, the rules are simple enough for anyone to play... 

...but mastering them against a cunning opponent is another matter.  Once you do, choose a new set of eight different spells that promote different strategic challenges!

Real Artisan Crafts

Watch real artisan handiwork billowing in the wind on display in each player's showcase.  Hundreds of photographs of real Tapestries that were hand-crafted just for Stitchcraft were used to create 3D materials that not only capture their beautiful colors, but their interesting textures as well.

Cloth dynamics in the game are simulated in real time.  Even the thread weaving and unraveling visual effects are driven by the physical models!


Practice against a competent bot player to learn the game...


...then test your skills against other spell-weavers in real-time online games.

Stitchcraft is based on an original card game design collaboration with Kevin Prothero at Boomer's Workshop.  Check out their other games, as well!
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