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Mercantile Mayhem

In Stitchcraft, each player takes the role of a magical merchant competing to sell enchanted rugs in Azetta, a city famous for its custom of hosting local tradeshows where rival spellweavers advertise their wares in wizardly duels.  Customers flock to watch the spectacles, and the victors win the glory and the sales!

Each player starts with a Chest of five Tapestries in each of eight different colors.  These 40 Tapestries are stacked randomly with their colors hidden from view.  Players draw three Tapestries from the top of their Chest to start the game, and additional Tapestry each turn.  Player 1 skips their first turn draw.

Artful Actions

During each turn, players may Play and/or Reveal Tapestries.  Each player may take two of these actions per turn in any combination: Play twice, Reveal twice, or one of each in either order.

Click a Tapestry in your hand to Play it into your Display on the table in front of you.  A Tapestry in the Display is UnrevealedThe opponent can't see the color, and its power is ready to use on another action, but it is not yet part of the Showcase victory condition.

Play a Tapestry

opening turn.png

Click a Tapestry in your Display to reveal it and release its color's Power.  These Powers may provide boons to you or sabotage your opponent.  If the Tapestry is successfully revealed, it moves into the Showcase and counts toward the many-color and color set victories.

Reveal a Tapestry

how-to-reveal setup 2.png
Plethora of Powers

Each game match is governed by a PatternEvery Tapestry of a given color will release that Pattern's Power for that color when revealed.  


Powers are designed to maintain a subtle identity across Patterns for a given color, but in combination, they can dramatically warp the strategy between matches of different Patterns.

Players should start with the "Loom" Pattern, then check out others such as "Attrition" and "Racketeering" when seeking new challenges!

Reveal Unravel.png
Wiliest Weaver Wins

Build an impressive Showcase to dazzle the market tourists!  The first player who assembles seven out of eight Tapestry colors or four Tapestries in a single-color set wins the game and makes the sales to the impressed audience.

Go Forth and Prosper

You now know enough to get started, so go try your hand at mastering the merchants' mayhem!  For even more information, check out our gameplay videos and the how-to-play manual in the game.

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