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An Invitation to Innovation

Stitchcraft is now in closed beta testing!  If you're interested in playing the game and providing constructive feedback, please head over to our Discord server at and DM me for a key there.  Right now you'll have to have a Windows machine, and the keys are redeemable on Steam.
I'm asking folks that want to test at this stage to join me on Discord so you know where to find me to let me know what you think of the game.  You'll also need it to hook up with the other testers to play games against people and not just AI - perils of being in an early testing phase.  Hopefully we'll have a million players soon and it'll always be as simple as clicking the "Find Match" button!
If you're interested in streaming or reviewing the game, please let me know beforehand!  There's no release depot for the game right now - only the test one.  I'm not terribly afraid of breaking the build at my current stage.  If you might show off the game live in front of your Twitch fans, I'll set up a stable repo and give you the keys to that instead so they don't see my test one that's occasionally flaming wreckage.  What can I say; debugging multiplayer async bugs is hard! ;)
Invitations will be open indefinitely until I decide I have a sufficient community of testers, but keep in mind this means you've been warned that I may shut it down at any time!  Go poke me for a key right now!
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