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Stitchcraft was featured in the 2020 Steam Summer Games Festival, but you can still play the demo - come check it out!

Coming Summer 2020

Stitchcraft is a two-player strategy game where the cards aren't proxies for gleaming swords and fire-breathing dragons - they themselves are the actors in the game.  Weigh your decisions to wield your tapestries as both wares and weapons, then watch the works of real artisans billowing on display in each player's showcase.  With a single spell woven into each of just eight colors of rugs, the rules are simple enough that anyone can learn to play; mastering them against a cunning foe is another matter.  Sell a tapestry showcase of many colors or just one, shroud your colors and surmise your opponent's, and if you conquer all your foes, switch to an entirely new set of spells to face a new challenge!

Treasure Hunt


Join a young boy and his disobedient dog on their treasure-hunting adventures in this puzzle RPG hybrid reminiscent of Battleship and Minesweeper!  Get paid by your family and the local townsfolk for finding all sorts of knick-knacks.  Trade in your goodwill for all sorts of favors to assist you on your hunts.  Upgrade your tools - and train your ornery dog! - with the money you make on your scavenger hunts.  If you make a name for yourself, who knows what strange things you might find on your adventures?

Engineering Sketch

We're frequently fooling around with prototypes for the next cool idea, so if there are any games you want to see made, drop us a line and let us know!  Shoot us an email, hang out with us on Discord, or drop a message on Facebook or Twitter.  Just click the button below for links to everywhere you can find us online!

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