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Quest Accepted:

An ambitious mission: Strike a balance between play, production, and polish.

The mission seems deceptively simple: strike a balance between gameplay, production quality, and polish.  We think this is a pretty obvious list of virtues to set as reasonable goals for any game.  In spite of this, many games (perhaps even purposefully) neglect one or more of these aspects, and the myriad repercussions of that in gaming history have ranged from mild to murderous.

Contrary to the simple, obvious goals, that history suggests the implementation of this plan is actually anything but simple or obvious.  This is an endgame, raid-tier quest.  That's an ambitious undertaking for a new developer, so we might not always succeed...  but we're always going to try.

This quest is one we intend to dedicate ourselves to keep continuously exploring.  If you would like to take that journey with us, please check out our "Well-Crafted Games" posts in our blog.  We hope to share more concrete thoughts about how we might accomplish these goals and look at case studies for games we think went right or wrong in one or more of these three important facets.

Meet the Team

Ryan Nicoletti

Turns out there is an "I" in "Team" when you're a one-man show!  Lead game designer, lead game developer, lead marketing strategist, lead business executive...  Some for better, many for worse.  Click my title above to read my thoughts on why its wacky that something so silly could still be so true.  For more of my personal story instead, click below.

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