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Turning Intention into Implementation

Information Technology and Software Engineering projects are challenging, and not solely because the technologies are complex.  Success is dependent on matching engineering expertise to business needs, and the gap between the "How?" and "Why?" questions is often difficult to bridge without a perspective that marries both.

Data Engineering diagram - Infrastructure + Architecture + Analytics

Holistic Technology Perspective

in>D:\development combines decades of experience with many varied industries and technologies.  Our mountain-top perspective can help you determine the strategies and roadmaps needed to empower your engineers and captivate your customers.

Methodology Instead of Madness

Our assessment and development practices are based on three key ideas:

novel problems icon.png

Novel Problems

Many IT "solutions" companies have a scripted plan or product to sell, but "one-size-fits-all" means "tailored to no one". 


Problems worth solving tend to have their own individual twists, so step one is asking questions and actively listening to find out makes your goals interesting and unique.

Venerated Technology icon

Venerated Technology

Chasing new tech to acquire new business-relevant capabilities is worthwhile, but many teams chase hype without thoughtful goals.

Established and venerable tech is still enormously important, as these time-tested tools and techniques provide a stable foundation not just to systems engineering, but staffing engineering teams, as well.

Bespoke Solutions icon

Bespoke Solutions

Novel problems inevitably require custom tailoring of tools and techniques - or even creating new ones.

Dependencies between teams with disparate skills can stymie progress when facing novel challenges.  Our technical expertise helps to re-link these chains... or build those new ones.  We aren't just strategy experts - we write code.

We would love to learn how we can help you implement your ideas.  Our services span the entire range from server room to board room.  Click here to contact us for a free initial consultation.

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